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I can add my text here. Opps - forgot to capitalize my "I" in the first sentence. There, I have fixed it.

Glogster In Your Classroom

You can use Glogster to create an interactive poster. You can include images, video, audio, graphics, and text.Planning is very important when creating a Glog. You should have an idea of what you want yourGlog to look like before diving into project. Think Poster Board!Don't worry -- you can always change your plan as you go.

There are "frames" for images and video.There are many different types of "paper" to add text you.Layering is an important skill.

http://tinyurl.com/MTSDGlogsterTeacher Code: 45H5EGUse P1, Last Name, First Initial as your Nickname.ex.: P1PlasterJ

The "TOOLS" area is where you will add your media. Remember, you must Upload or Link to your media.

The Tools Menu = "+"



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