P. Nominative

by monicadietz
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Language Arts

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P. Nominative

PredicateNominative and Adjective

Name: .DietzDate: Fall, 2012

adjective in predicatedescribes the subject

Predicate Adjective

word or word group in the predicate identifies the subject or refers to it

Predicate Nominatives

Not in prepositional phraseMay be compoudnoun

Complete Excercise 5 and 6Page 406-407

May be Compoudadjective

Mr. Richards became mayor of a small town in Ohio. My aunt's nice is she. Is the winner whoever gets the most votes?Sophia is one of my closest friends.Hernando de Soto was a soldier and a diplomat.

Nominative Examples

Adjective Examples

A nuclear reactor is powerful. This chili tastes spicy.How cheerful the baby is!A computer can be fun, helpful, and sometimes frustrating.



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