P is for Plastic

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P is for Plastic

P is for PlasticBy:Allayna BerthelotFebruary 2013

Why I Chose Plastic?I chose plastic because I think there is a lot of things to learn about it. It is very useful. I use it for lots of things. I want to learn more about plastic.

Inventors Name/BiographyThe man that invented plastic was Leo Baekeland. He was born on November 14,1863.He died on February 23,1944.He was born in Ghent,Belgium. He married Celine Swarts.He became a naturalized American in 1897, and a professor at Columbia University.

Sources of Information:Leo Baekeland. "Career" and "Decline and Death." All Paragraphs. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Baekland).1907. "Events." All Paragraphs. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1907).Plastic. "History." All Paragraphs. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic).

Why Was Plastic Important?Plastic is important because people make very useful things out of it.It benefited everyone in America. We drink out of it. We eat out of it. Plastic is plastic,but there were plastics that were stronger and weaker.

Time Range & Background of Time PeriodHe invented it in 1907.January 14 - An earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica kills more than 1000. March 22 - The first taxicabs with taxi meters began operating in London.



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