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Ozzie Smith


1954 - Born1965 - Watts Riots1978 - First MLB Game1982 - Traded to Cardinals1982 - First World Series1996 - Retired2002 - Elected into Hall of Fame

Ozzie Smith has accomplished many things. He won 13 Golden Glove awards during his career. He has also won a Lou Gehrig award, a Branch Rickey award, and a Roberto Clemente award. He was elected into the Hall of Fame in 2002. Smith lives in St. Louis and owns a resturant and a temporary-employment agency. He has two sons and a daughter. In 2005 his son Nikko made it to the top ten in Amrican Idol.


Ozzie Smithby Alex Duncan

Early Life

Ozzie Smith was born in Mobile, Alabama on December 26, 1954. His father, Clovis Smith, was a truck driver and his mother, Marvella Smith, was a nurse. He had four brothers and one sister. When he was six his family moved to the Watts section of Los Angeles. His dad abandoned his family while he was in in junior high. He practiced his hand-eye coordination by throwing a ball against the back steps of his house. He would sometimes go to a nearby lumberyard with friends and practice doing flips off of piles of inner tubes into pits of sawdust.


He went to Locke High School and played basketball and baseball. He graduated high school in 1972 and won a partial scholarship to California Polythechnic State University. He moved from second string to starting short stop during his freshman year. He was drafted to the Padres in 1978. Smith played with the the Padres until 1982 when he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. He set records for most assists and the highest fielding percentage. He also won his first World Series in 1982. Smith played with the Cardinals until 1996.


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