Ozone Depletion

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Ozone Depletion

Our ozone is a layer of gas that surrounds the earth, that protects us from the sun's UV rays. However, the ozone is diminishing each day. This will eventually be a prime threat to the earth.

The ozone is a colorless gas made of three molecules of oxygen

Ozone Depletion

It was discovered in 1974 the main cause of ozone depletion is chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

another leading cause is carbon dioxide


potential developing diseases due to ozone depleation

melenoma is a skin cancer that is developed by over exposure to the sun

Cataracts are caused by exposure to UV-A

negative side effects on environment

-Reduction of tree growth-Animal's will be more susceptible to eye and nose cancer

Prevention Methods Do your part:-Opt to walk, or use public transportation-buy energy-efficient appliances-plant trees-replace old refrigerators and air conditioners-avoid the use of insecticides

click here for more information of the depletion process

Ocean life would become extinct, because animals such as plankton would not survive

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