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Chemical Elements

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OxygenBy-Brian Mobley

Oxygen helps us live!

Oxygen was discovered in Uppsala in 1773. The founder was Carl Wilhelm Scheele, however, Joseph Priestely discovered it in Wiltshire in 1774.

Oxygen is a tasteless gas. It is part of the stellar life style. Without oxygen, humans would more than likely die. It is found on the human body, the Sun, oceans, and the atmosphere. It's used to make acid, sulfur acid, nitric acid, and other compounds. Oxygen is very useful in hospitals because it allows patients, who have a hard time breathing, breathe. It is also used to treat victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.



Atomic number: 8Atomic Mass: 15.9994Electron Configuration: 1s2 2s2 2p4Boiling Point: -182.95 degrees CelsiusMelting Point: -218.79 degrees CelsiusDensty: 0.001429 grams per cubic centimeterColor: pale blueType of element: Nonmetals


Physical and Chemical PropertiesOxygen exists in solid, liquid, and gas. The liquid and solid form are both pale blue colour. Oxygen turns from a gas to a liquid at a temparature of 182.96 degrees Celsius. Oxygen exists in three allotropic forms: normal oxygen, diatomic oxygen, dioxygen.

Joseph was the initial founder because he published it first.

It is 22% of the air.

Chemical Symbol:O

It helps people breathe.

Plants use it for carbon dioxide.


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