Oxygen Mask Protector

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Oxygen Mask Protector

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Write your text here

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One weakness in the spinoff before I edited it is how big it was. It covered more than a half of my face when I tested it, it was even bigger than the original oxegyn mask design. Another weakness that I had to edit was the medicine box and the right aid box ,it was way to small and the oxegyn mask was way too big, and it was very weak.

Spinoff A is LED's . LED's are types of lights often used now a days. They improve lives because they help Nasa mitigate ISS wreaks that have an havoc on an astronaut's biological rythms.

Spinoff B is a microwave, a microwave can heat things up in just seconds. I t helps because It helps when me and my sister are home alone and we have to heat foods up so they aren't cold.

Spinoff C is a Ice cream cone. A waffle cream cone is a cone made out of waffle's. They help because it prevents waste of plastic and also you can eat it.

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?In my words, spinoff technology is an creation that includes a space technology. A creation that isn't used in space , the creation such as a phone.

Ask, Imagine and BuildDescribe your idea for the new Spinoff.My idea for the new spinoff is a safer and more comfortable oxygen mask which reduces the risk of air pollution disease's. This oxygen mask is safer and smaller, it includes a right aid box and it also includes some medicine for emergency's and it is also designed smaller than the original oxegyn mask design. This allows the oxygen mask to be safer and more comfortable. This oxygen mask contains sulpher dioxide and nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide proof plastic because when these chemicals are released in the air it causes air pollution

Oxygen mask


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