Oxygen And Carbon Cycles

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Oxygen And Carbon Cycles

Oxygen and Carbon Cycles

In Animals

The Signifigance of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Carbon is very important for plants because it is one of the key components in photosythesis. Without it plants wouldn't be able to obtain energy by photosynthesis. If plants couldn't perform photosynthesis oxygen woulndn't be produced. Without oxygen animals couldn't survive meaing the earth would be a lifless place. Likewise without oxygen animals wouldn't be able to breathe and give off the carbon dioxide necessary to sustain life in plants. As you can see both carbon dioxide and oxygen are essential for sustaining life on earth

- Glucose is taken in by eating a fruit. - Oxygen is taken in by breathing- Water is taken in by drinking - Glucose gets digested and flows through the blood streem to the cell - Oxygen goes through the lungs, into the bloodstream, and then into the cell - The cell preforms Cellular Respiration producing energy in the form of ATP and carbon dioxide which you exhale.

The signifigance of Plants and Animals is that in order for carbon and oxygen to circulate throughout the universe plants and animals have to exist. Without them the production of Carbon and oxygen would be limited.

In a Plant

In an Ecosystem

-Carbon is taken in by being absorbed by the holes in the leaves of the plant.-Water is taken in through the roots-Sunlight comes from the sun shining on the plant-All of these ingredients go to the cell= Photosynthesis-Produces Oxygen, which is released into the air-Glucose, given off in the form of fruit

Carbon cycles worldwide. The main cause for the cycling of carbon is the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Carbon compunds in detritus. Detritus are animal wastes. Examples include plant litter and dead organisms. Then, these wastes are consumed and decomposed by detritivores. Detritivore respiration returns CO2 to the atmosphere with the help of other organisms. The return of CO2 relates to the removal of photosynthesis.The burning of coal and petroleum is increasing the level of CO2 in the air. This is an issue because it is leading to global warming.


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