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Social Studies

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Fast Facts-Oxford is one of the most well-known cites in England.-It is in the south of England, approximately 80 km from London.-Also, It is a really good place to study at the university because it has got one of the best universities in the world and the oldest in the UK.


It is very beautiful and it has got a lot of monuments to visit, so this is one of the most interesting places:

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Magdalen College-It is next to the river Cherwell and it has two parks, one of them with deer, called "The Grove or deer Park" and the other one is a meadow bounded by a walk called "Adison's walk".-You can see the deer in winter and spring.-The landscape is really lovely in Addison's Walk, but in winter, it is too smelly so people walk in summer.-A very interesting detail is that C.S.Lewis, the writer of "The Chronicles of Narnia" studied here.

The Carfax Tower-It is in the centre of the city.-It was the church's tower of Oxford.-There are incredible views of the city.

Radcliffe Camera-They built it in 18th Century.-It is a science library where the students read and study while they enjoy the wonderful paintings on the walls.-There are enough books to study and research.

In Oxford there are 102 libraries and this is the most visited.

The Bodleian Library in the Divinity School-It is the most famous part of the Divinity School because they recorded Harry Potter films in this library.-It is also one of the most celebrated and largest libraries in the world, it has about 6 million books.

The Christ Church-The largest hall in Oxford is here.-The wall is popular because they recorded Harry Potter films here.-Also, Lewis Carroll, the writer of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"studied in this college.


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