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What do they eat? Squirrels, Skunks, rabbits, birds, snakes, insects, and other creatures.


What do they look like?Soft-plumaged, short-tailed, big-headed birds with flat facial disks and large, foward-facing eyes.

Their EnvironmentThey may live in remote forested habitats. They are found on every continent except Antartica in every kind of habitat.

Can be from 5 to 33 inches. Can weigh from 1 oz to 4.4 lbs. In the wild, owls can live up to 36 years. In zoos, anywhere from 50 to 60 years. Large owls live longer.

Baby owls are called owlets. Owls can lay one egg at a time every two days for a period of two weeks. Barn owls can lay two to eleven eggs.

Owls cannot chew of grind their food.Owls have feathers that camoflauge them during the day while they are resting.Barn owls have the best hearing, They can hear a mouse from 90 feet away.



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