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Owls Glog

Habitat: They live in wood lands to forests to open wet forest and rain forests.

Diets: They pray on marsupials like gliders,possoms,flying foxes and birds.


"The Powerful Owl"

Hoot Hoot!

ReproductionThe powerful owls nest are in large tree hollows. Powerful owls have a mate for life.Resting occurs from late Auttumn to mid Winter.In their clutches they have two white dull eggs which take thirty- eight days to hatch.Interesting factsThey are endangerd because of their loss of their habitat and food shortage.

DescriptionThe powerful owl is the largest owl in Australasia. It is a typical hawk owl with large yellow eyes and no facial disc. Adults reach 60 cm in length, have a wingspan of up to 140cm and weigh up to 1.45 killograms.Males are larger than females.The main colour is dackish grey. They make a double hoot sound.


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