[2015] Kiley Klick: Owls

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[2015] Kiley Klick: Owls

Where do owls live?Owls live all across the world. One of the most popular places to find owls is in the forests and woods.Some owls like the snowy owl like to live in Antartica,and Barn owls like to live in barns.


What do owls eat?Owls eat various things.They eat mice,bugs,rats,rabbits,and more.Owls sometimes get attaced when they try to attack and kill there food.Sometimes they won't eat for a long time.If owls eat really fast, later they will throw up pellots.Pellots are composed of bone,fur,and other parts of there meal.

How long do owls live?It depends on what there habbitat is like.If owls live in the wild they will live for about 10 years.Owls dont live to long because of there preditors.If owls are in a captivity then they will live for about 38 years!The owls will get health attention and food that they dont really need to hunt for.Also when they are in captivity, none of there petidors are in there with them.

Are owls in danger?Most owls are not in danger,but some are.They are becoming in danger because of all of there predidors that they have.Some of there pretitors are owls,foxes,and sometimes even snakes.

Can owls be pets?Many people think it would be fun to have an owl as a pet.But people don't know how complicated it really is You would even need a permit to have an owls as a pet.Most people would like to pet the owls but owls don't like to be touched, it bothers them. Also owls are very noisy,smelly,and dirty.

By: Kiley Klick


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