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Matthew couldn't get friends at school when the bully Guts Garbage was around because he was popular.Matthew got a remote controller for his birthday and Matthew has figured out that controller is no ordinary controller the controller can freeze, rewind, fast forward and unpause time.

I wonder why Matthevv hasn't got any friends while Guts Garbage is around school.I wonder why the parents didn't know the tape recorder wasn't really much of a tape recorder or the remote controller as well and why would someone want to sell a remote controller that can freeze time anyway. I also wonder why the price for it would only be $50

I infer that everyone was Guts Garbages friend because he was a bully so they must've thought that if they can be his friend he won't be a bully to him.I infer that the parents bought what they could find cheap and was a tape recorder because they needed to buy Matthew a present for his birthday. I infer that the parents that bought Matthew didn't test it for them selves and I think they should've known because the tape recorder didn't have any cords.



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