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Social Studies
World War II

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Owen Lance- Mr. Kuisnez


Adolf Hitler- Even though Hitler was a character you didn't pyshically meet Hitler was the primary cause of this war. Hitler believed that Jews where the problem to German power.

Dobelmann- Dobelmann was Erik's Platton Commander who had a scary death like apperance to him do to his time as a veteran.

Erik Brandt- Erik was a young boy who was drafted in the Hitler Youth. He was born in Germany but had a touch of Russian in him. He goes through death, injury, pain, depression, and love. He was afraid of the war and what it had to come, so he does whatever it takes to escape and live a life he wishes he never had to.

Tamara- Tamara was on the Russian side of the war. She was a nurse and helped out the Russians by being a nurse to those who where injured in battle. She also goes through loss and love with X. Tamara and X where able to escape the horror they where running from.

This photo is suppose to represent the hospital X was sent to after he disquised himself as a Russian after he got injured by the sharpnel. This is also where X will meet Tamara.

This photo is suppose to represent X's first real battle incounter at the center of Krakow. Here is where X's makes his daring move to survive

"The smell of burned gunpowder and cordite was relondent in the air."

"I think you are going to make it."

The way I feel about this book is it's a terrifc book with very unfortunate events. Not knowing exactly what this time period was like is it's a real eye opener as to how life styles and lives itself where living back then with everything they where delt with. As I want to be a Marine it also sort of scares me of the reality of what might come. I thought book was exciting to read. Every part made me want to just keep reading to find out what happens next.

By, Owen Lance


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