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The superintendent denied the request on the grounds that the club was the equivalent of “religious worship.”The district court and the Second Circuit also sided with the school, stating that the Good News Club’s activities were “quintessentially religious.”The Supreme Court, in Good News Club v. Milford Central School reversed, holding that barring access to the Good News Club constituted “viewpoint discrimination” under the Court’s longstanding public forum doctrine .

In fall 1996, Pastor Steve and wife Darlene Fournier of Milford Central Community Bible Church submitted “Use of Facilities” requests to Milford School, a rural K-12 school in Milford, New York, asking for use of the school’s facilities. At the time Milford had a policy opening the school to “social, civic, and recreational meetings and entertainment, and other uses pertaining to the welfare of the community,” provided the uses were nonexclusive and open to the public. - See more at: http://www.goodnewsclubs.info/equalaccess.htm#sthash.JLhr04eF.dpuf


Separation of Church and StateGood News Club v. Milford Central School


Some of the things educators can do to balance the concept of separation of church and state and still value religious diversity is the school may sponsor the study of religion but may not sponsor the practice of religion,the school may expose students to all religious views, but may not impose any particularview, and the school’s approach to religion is one of instruction, not one of indoctrination.

Balance the concept of separation of church and state

At the time Milford was decided, there were reportedly nearly 1000 public school Good News Clubs. Aided by litigation from several high-profile evangelical legal groups, that number swelled to nearly 4000 by early 2013. - See more at: http://www.goodnewsclubs.info/equalaccess.htm#sthash.JLhr04eF.dpuf

If I was the superintendent I would have handle the situation differently. I would have allowed the Good News Club to use the school facilities after hours. The reason why is because other groups are allowed to use the school after hoursand this group is no different, plus all the students that were in the group had their parent consent to be in the group.


If I was the superintendent


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