Overpopulation- Quigley and LaRosa

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Overpopulation- Quigley and LaRosa


Causes-decline in death rate-better medical facilities-easier to overcome poverty-immigrationEffects on Earth-food and water shortages-degrade in air quality-fuel shortages (oil and coal)-loss of forests-species extinction-ozone depletionOverpopulation is the main cause of many prominent envionrmental issues we deal with today.

Most Overpopulated Countries1) Singapore2) Israel3) Kuwait

Overpopulation of humans is the cause of the extinction of many species

Solutions-plan for how many children a family is going to have-education and job opportunities-awareness of enviornmental and social cost of overpopulation-war-famine-diseaseIf we dont solve this problem, humans will not be able to live on the Earth. We must do something.

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Eric Quigley and Alex LaRosa


Human population is rapidly increasing, and the Earth can't provide for that many people

Map of World Population Densities


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