Overland Campaign

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Overland Campaign

The Overland Campaign

The Battle of Wilderness was on May 4-7, 1864. Grant was trapped by Lee in the woods, ,where he didn't want to be. The battle resulted in 14,319 Union casualties and 7,750 Confederate casualties. Both sides won in their own ways.

The Battle of Spotsylvania was on May 8-18, 1864. The Confederacy beat the Union in the race to Spotslyvania. Both sides kept moving to block each other. Union losses were 18,000, and Confederate losses were 12,000.

The Battle of North Anna River was May 22-25, 1864. Both sides raced to the North Anna River. The Confederacy beat the Union and was able to keep them away from the river. Sickness allowed the Union to get away from the Confederacy.

The Battle of Cold Harbor was on May 31-June 3, 1864. The Union managed to actually attack the Confederacy, but were still held off. The Confederacy was tired after the battle. The Union crossed the James River to Petersburg on June 12, 1864.

Before the Overland Campaign, both sides baattled, won, and lost. Many died. The sides went through generals until they got to Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant.

Link to my video: Overland Compaign - YouTube.com Link to Website w/ more info: Grant's Overland Campign - eHistory.comSource for Pictures (editing of Generals picture by me): Google Images

By: Kaishia Ieraci



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