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Environmental Studies

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Scientists and researchers report that fish populations have fallen to a level that can be called a crisis. What makes matters worse is that, other marine animals are destroyed in the process.


What is overfishing-When we take out more fish than the fish can naturally replace.

Causes of overfishing

Overcapacity: All over the world, many fishing industries have huge vessels, equipment and technology that they can deploy deep into the oceans. They can stay on the oceans for weeks and months and even process the fish before they come back ashore. Experts believe that all the world’s equipment combined is enough to fish on 4 earth-like planets

Unsustainable Fishing: This involves using nets, fishing methods and other equipment that catch too much fish to a degree that they are endangered. These are called By-catch. In many cases is destroyed and thrown back into the sea. This is called Discards, and may include cetaceans, turtles, sharks, seabirds, youngfish, corals and invertebrates like starfish, crabs, sea urchins,, sponges and worms. They also catch very little fishes and prevent them from growing to reproduce.

In recent time, technology, better equipment and humans need for more money have made it easier for fishes to be caught with less effort. Unfortunately, as we catch more and more fish, they run out and both commercial and non-commercial fishermen have to go deeper into sea to get fish.

How can we help?

- Join organisations, movements and discussions aimed at putting pressure on your government to monitor, engage and be hard on fisheries that break the law and engage in unsustainable fishing. This include establishing and expanding Marine Protected Areas (areas of the ocean where fishing is banned and natural resources are protected).

Economic and Food Needs: The amount of fishes that fishing industries bring ashore depends on the market and needs of consumers. In the past century, humans have multiplied in many folds and the need for food and fish has also multiplied. This, together with economic ambitions of fisheries have forced them to catch more fish that the oceans can replace.


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