Ovary cycle and mentstrual cycle

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Human Anatomy

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Ovary cycle and mentstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle can last from four days, a week, it all depends on the woman and their ovulation

The ovulation is the phase with the menstrual cycle.

All women do not come to these days, but they say that sticks, but haven't explication for this.

The pituitary gland in the brain stimulates an ovary to release an encounter

When one girl and one boy copulate and not use protection, the girl may remain pregnant, but thisonly happens when the girl is in the menstruation cycle.

Why we see blood when have the menstrual cycle? The blood of the menstrual cycle have cells from the knitting, when this fall is the blood that see. Because the menstrual cycle makes that, the ovary fall. But can have problems, for example, the women that can't have childrens, or affect the brain, with pain, and the paunch. Also has a little advantage, is the way to unite the couple.

Ovary cycle and menstrual cycle

It is what happens in our vagina, can be every month, be late or to go forward

The boys, don't have pain, but this process it's more easy that for gets pregnant



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