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In the !960's this is what boy "Greasers" wore.Denim jeans, and a T- shirt.

these pictures contribute with the book because it describes what Greasers, and Socials look like. In the book these were what the people looked like.

This is what the girl "greasers" wore.Short dresses with sometimes leather jackets. They were very manly, cursed allot, and had no manners

By: S. E. Hinton

This is a male socail. They constantly beat up greasers and made fun of them. They are all filthy rich and wore nice clothes.

This is a gir social. They were very modest, lady like, and they cared allot about there reputation

Click to watch a scene of Ponyboy and Johnny from the movie The Outsiders

An Interview With S. E. Hinton- "An Outsider, Out of the Shadows" Published by: The New York TimesWritten by: DINITIA SMITH

My Infrence on Ponyboy's future:I feel that he will stay gold. I think that he will move out of the streets and visit Johnny's grave every week. He will stop contributing to the rumbles and he will not visit a boys home.

This image connects to the Bob and Johnny incident. While Bob was beating him up he cut his cheek really bad with the rings he was wearing.

This image represents when Darry slapped Ponyboy and caused him to run away.



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