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1. Topics from notes2. That are in logical order3. Formatted I. A. 1.4. Expressed in short phrases--not a sentence outline5. DO NOT RE-WRITE Your NOTES!!!!


Strategy #1Time to read over your notes

Strategy # 2Main Topics should come right from research questions.

I. First Main Topic (from you research question) A. First Subtopic 1. First Detail 2. Second Detail B. Second SubtopicII. Second Main Topic (second research question) A. First Subtopic

Strategy #3Sub-topics must support your topic.

Strategy # 4 Details: Need to write at least 2 sentences in order to be a detail.

I can write an outline from my reseach notes

Anti-Social Personality DisorderI. Signs and Symptoms A. Bullying 1. School 2. Friends B. Lack of Concern C. Mistreatment of AnimalsII. Treatment A. Medications 1. Elavil 2. Tofranil 3. Cymbalta 4. Nardil B. Reflective Therapy

III. What are the Causes of Antisocial Disorder? A. Biological Theory B. Genetic C. Risk FactorsIV. Defining Antisocial Behavior DisorderA. Define Personality DisorderB. Difference between anti-social and PyschopathyC. Demographics/Statistics1. Adults2. ChildrenV. If Left Untreated A. Addictions B. Criminals

What's Wrong with this Outline?Find at least 4 errors in this outline


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