[2014] Bo G (Grieve): OUTLAW IN INDIA

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[2014] Bo G (Grieve): OUTLAW IN INDIA


By: Philip Roy

Setting(s): West coast of India, Kochi, Goa, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Gangs River, and on the Arabian Sea. Time: Present day


ALFRED: (also known as Al) is the main character. He is 16 yes a 16 year old submariner from Newfoundland Canada. He is the owner of the sub he built a few years back; He spends all his time traveling the world in his submarine. He has medium length blond hair and is 5.5. His mother died when he was born.SEAWEED: Alfred’s first mate. Seaweed is a seagull Alfred picked up on his first voyage to try and find the lost city of Atlantis. Seaweed often flys above the sub when he gets restless or just wants to get out into the fresh sea air, he is very social with all the birds around the world and is a bit feisty. HOLLIE: Alfred’s second mate Hollie is a kind, gentle dog with a ton of energy. Hollie was found by Alfred in a small cove, chained to a rock, left to die by his original owner. Luckily Alfred took Hollie in and there for saving her life. Hollie has one bent year (which the cause is unknown) and a great nose. RADJI: Alfred meets Radji, a 10 year old homeless untouchable (lowest class in India) that lives in an old abandond boat house Alfred parked the sub in. At first Radji was afraid of Alfred but they became good friends quickly. Radji has never been to school but is highly intelligent. Throughout the book he develops a love for chess, and Alfred and Radji play it a lot. MESISSA: Melissa is a elderly lady who Alfred, Radji and the crew meet when they are trying to find a place to hide the sub for a week. She is a lonely and was thrilled to have company when Alfred and Radji stayed at her villa for a few weeks. She liked gardening and cooking but isn’t very good with tools. She is very kind, caring, and thoughtful person.


SummeryOutlaw in India is about Alfred, a 16-year-old submariner and his and his loyal crew; Seaweed the seagull, and Hollie the dog. This is their fifth voyage in their sub and they have headed to the east coast India. Once they have arrived in India, they need to find a place to hide the sub while they explore India on foot. They find an old abandoned boathouse in and parked the sub in there but it was not abandon after all! In the boathouse Alfred discovers a small 10-year-old boy named Radji. Radji is an untouchable; The lowest class in India, frowned upon by upper-class peoples. Radji and Alfred quickly become friends, and as their journey progressed up the east coast of India towards Mumbai, they learned India was a magical, ancient place, but also had a dark side. The deadly snakes, the many criminals, and the treatment of the untouchables were horrid. After about a week of exploring India with Radji, it was time for Alfred to sail somewhere else. He said goodbye to radji, got in him sub with the crew, and sailed away into the Arabian ocean. The next day, Alfred went into the storage room to get some potatoes for soup, and was surprised to find Radji hiding behind the sack of potatos! Radji explained to Alfred he wanted to go bathe in the Gangs river, to wipe away all of his sins. Alfred agreed to take him there but after that he must move on. Alfred sailed all the way from Kochi to Mumbai; from there they would take a train to the Gangs River. In Mumbai, Alfred was yet again searching for a place to hide the sub. There he met Melissa, a kind elderly lady, who offered them her small old boathouse if Alfred would take her with them to the Gangs, to release the ashes of her brother. He agreed and they set off in Melissa’s car all the way to the Gangs. Once they arrived, Melissa went to pour the ashes into the river, and Radji bathed in it. They both same back with smiles on their faces, having gotten something done that had been weighting them down. After the long trip back to Melissa’s riverside villa, It was finally time for Alfred to go back to Newfoundland. Alfred also learned that Melissa was going to let Radji live with her and also send him to school. This was good for both of them; Melissa not being lonely anymore and also Radji would fix things if they were broken, and for Radji he would now have a family and be able to go to school. Melissa and Radji lived happily ever after, and for Alfred, he had a long trip around the world ahead of him.


I would rate this book 9 out of 10 stars. I think this because it’s a great book that I never wanted to put down. There were lots of exiting moments and “what going to happen next!!??” like when Alfred heard footsteps in the old boat house then found out it was Radji, or when Alfred saw the foot sticking out from behind the potato sack. I also learned a lot from this book; about the classes of India like the untouchables, and how their culture and way of life is so different from ours. I also liked how visual the book was, it was easy to see the well described setting, and for example “Some of the houses were completely rundown, like the abandoned warehouses, leaning over as if they would fall but not falling. But there was also a neighbourhood that was very wealthy, where the houses were large and fancy, like in Hollywood, or some rich place like that. They were high iron gates to keep people out, beautiful lawns, enormous gardens and little houses beside the big houses over just for decoration. It amazed me to see how the poor areas in the rich areas could be so close”. Lastly, I loved the story. Of how he found Radji living in an abandoned boathouse with little food, and how at the end of the book when Alfred was saying goodbye to him, it was hard to keep reading because you didn’t want to let the characters you have grown to know so well go. I highly recommend this book. Outlaw in India.


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