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Outer space


Do you want to know about why Outer space is an extreme environment? Outer space have extreme conditions. It has no oxygen, it's filled with darkness,it has an extreme temperature (hot or cold) etc. The places in outer space like this are Earth,Venus,Mars or etc. These planets are hot or cold because in outer space if you go near the sun it's going to be hot and if you go away from the sun it will be cold. Outer space is a extreme environment because it has extreme conditions and you can't survive there.


There are important reasons why scientists go to outer space. There are alot of things we can learn from exploring outer space. We can learn how the Earth rotate, how far the planets are, how big the moon is, the temperature of outer space. Scientists gather information about the unverse beyond Earth. They help people to understand more about the outer space. Scientists go there because they want to explore more about outer space. If noone ever did then we won't know what is outer space? They can collect space rocks for collection or ther collect more details about where they got it. Scientists explore outer space to gather infor mation and discover more about the universe.

Why go there?

There are tools and technologies that are needed to survive and explore outer space. You need a space suit to protect your body because you will freeze or boil in outer space if you are not using the proper tools for working. You need an air tank to breath while you're outside the space shuttle because you will run out of air and die. Rockets are massively big because it carries a huge amount of fuel. If it doesn't have enough fuel it could explode while escaping the Earth's atmosphere. You need a telescope to see the outer space more cleare or see the beautiful stars.There are different types of telescopes and some are used to study a special object like the sun, moon,stars or etc. There more tools and technology to explore and survive outer space. Outer space is an extreme environment because it needs tools and technology to explore it like the other extreme environments.

Tools and Technology

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Stars of Outer Space


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