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Environmental Studies

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Outdoor Environmental studies

Outdoor Environmental Studies Unit 4. SAC 1B

The contemporary state of the atmosphere at Mount Buller confers with the state of the environment report detailing that the atmosphere is in generally good condition. The air is breathable with no visible smog, indicating the good quality of the air. According to the report, the state of biodiversity has declined since European settlement which is reflected at Mt Buller by the decline in population and endangerment of the Mountain Pygmy possum since their habitat was disrupted for the recreational infrastructure. The state of the environment report states that ‘Climate Change is expected to bring about profound changes in the Australian land environment, particularly native vegetation and production systems’. This is true to Mt Buller because the Mountain Pygmy possum is already suffering from environmental disturbances and the alpine environment and its recreation would be significantly altered by climate change, especially the warming of the earth.

Contemporary State.

As previously mentioned the air at Mt Buller is clear and free of smog which indicates good air quality and a healthy environment. When we were at Mt Buller we saw many small streams which were clear and free of rubbish, the water was obviously also vey cold which generally indicates low turbidity. The quality and adequacy of water at Mt Buller also indicate a healthy environment. There are a large number of introduced species at Mt Buller such as the orange hawkweed, or rubus. These invasive plants damage the native species of vegetation which makes the environment unhealthy but also contribute to the biodiversity by creating ecosystem diversity. The introduction of species had both positive and negative impacts on the environment and can be seen as making the environment more healthy or less. This variety of indicators shows that Mt Buller is a healthy environment.

Is Mt Buller healthy


Importance of Mt Buller

Orange Hawkweed

Soft Rush

Sword Rush




Impacts of Potential Threats

Possible threats to the outdoor environment of Mt Buller are climate change and the introduction pest species. If the frequency or quantity of snow was affected by climate change recreational activities would not be able to be undertaken in the same way. We would not be able to snowboard or ski as we did on our recent snow camp. Climate change could also damage or physically alter the environment which would ruin the intrinsic value. People could no longer feel comfortable in knowing the beautiful place exists if it were changed or destroyed. The biodiversity of Mt Buller is threatened by the introduction on species such as the orange hawkweed, sword rush, soft rush, yarrow, rubus and blackberry, these species overrun native species. As well as impacting the biodiversity it ruins the aesthetic and intrinsic value of the area. Education would be both positively and negatively affected. The study of native plants would become more difficult, but students could still study the impact of introduced species. As the mountain is popular for recreation, it is always becoming more increasing threatened by urbanisation. The development would lead to a loss and modification of vegetation, habitat, and biodiversity, possible air, water, soil and noise pollution, and higher concentrations of greenhouse gases (possibly contributing to climate change). Urbanisation might also take over the slopes and the lodges, ski lifts and cafés could cover previously recreational area and the skiing and snowboarding would be affected.



It is important to maintain the environment of Mt Buller because it has aesthetic value, which gives people inspiration for artwork but also the opportunity to view beauty. The aesthetics of an environment an also motivate people to participate in recreational activities in that particular environment. The main use of Mt Buller is recreation and if were to be destroyed, people would not be able to escape from everyday life and relieve the pressures of their normal living. Recreation and adventure can improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of participants which would be lost along with the environment. Some people, like our outdoor environmental studies class, take great comfort in knowing that this place of beauty exists and would suffer from knowing that the intrinsic value of the environment had been compromised. Mt Buller is a large tourist attraction in Victoria and if the ability to visit and undertake recreation activities was ruined, the economy of the area and of Victoria would also suffer due to lack of visitors and revenue.


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