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Fin-Kedinn is the wise leader of the Raven Clan, Renn's uncle and Torak's adopted father. In the past he was best friends with Torak's brother and father, both who were ambitious to become mages. Fin-kedinn was in love with Torak's mother, but she was in love with someone else, as a result he became "emotionless". Although impassive and refusing to show emotion, Fin-Kedinn cares deeply for Torak and Renn.

outcastBy; Michelle Paver


Michelle Paver is a British novelist and children's writer, known for the fantasy series "Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness" set in pre-agricultural Stone Age Europe. She was born on September 7th 1960 in Malawi. She studied at Wimbledon High School. After Collage she became a partner in a City Of Londons Law Firm. Her fathers death in 1996 prompted her to tute a one-year sabbical, during which she traveled around France and America and wrote her first book "Without Charity". "Without Charity" was Michells first published book and is becoming a greater author along the way!

Tiana Dumas

Torak is marked with the soul eater symbol! When all of the clans and their leaders find this out, Torak is outcasted form all of the clans. He does not have any clan to decide if he is innocent of not, so he becomes an outcast. The leader of the wolf clan (Torak's used-to be clan) says that Toraks mother announced him "clanless" to all of the other clans. This had never, ever happened to Torak before. Renn repeatedly tries to help him get through this. But he will not let her because if anyone sees Torak, they are supposed to kill him. Torak tries to cut the permedent mark from his chest. Not knowing that he failed, he goes back to the raven camp and watches them. Saeum, the raven clans Mage days that there was a 'soul eater' among them. Torak flees knowing he is the 'soul eater' of which she senses. While he was in hiding, he suffered from a kind of madness called "soul sickness". He attacks wolf with fire. Renn and Bale meet up and decide to find Torak and help him try to prove his innocence, even though doing so would be breaking the clan law. Renn sends help to Torak in the form of 2 Ravens, Rip & Rek. While Torak is planning and recovering, Seshru, the viper Mage, uses her powers to draw him to her, so as to control him would be supplying her with even more power because Torak is a spirit walker. They find out that Seshru is renns mother. Meanwhile, renn realizes that a huge flood is coming twords all of the clans. She tells Torak to spread the word, that is will help prove his innocence. Torak tells Fin-Kedinn and allows the clans to flee. Torak gets into a fight with a boy from the boar clan, but then climbs up a tree to escape the upcoming flood. The boy tries to climb up the tree too but cannot reach. So Torak jumps down to help him up. Torak then sees that he cannot get back up in the tree, and he and wolf are swept away by the powerful flood. When they wake up, all the clans are surrounding them, and when Seshru appears, Torak shows all of the clans that by killing him will not help with this struggle against the soul eaters. So, they accept him back.

Michelle paver

Renn is a year younger than Torak. She is described as tough, courageous and an expert in archery. She has been forced to become s Mage all her life because of her skill with magic. Torak, fin-Keddin, and wolf are her only true friends. She is oftenly described openly by through Toraks eyes as older and beautiful.


Torak is described as tall and brave, native, defensive, and territorial. He becomes protective of Renn in the later books, which consistently tends to frustrate her.


Fun fact.. Torak develops feelings for renn throughout the series.

6/10 star rating To me, this book was kind of boring but okay at the same time. Halfway through the book I was so bored. It Maybe sounds good in the summery, but not the actual book.


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