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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness:OutcastBy: Michelle Paver

A wolf cannot be of two packs!

She's my daughter!!!

Clannless. . . . . . .

SummaryFor two moons Torak has hidden a terrible secret and now it is revealed. He bears the mark of the Soul-Eater and must pay the price. Cast out from the clans, he is alone and on the run: cut off from his friend Renn, and his beloved pack-brother, Wolf. In the haunted reed-beds of Lake Axehead, he is hunted by the Otter Clan and taunted by the Hidden People, and as soul-sickness claims him, fall prey to an even greater menace. Tormented by secrets and broken trust, he uncovers a deception that will turn his world upside down!

Review The book: Outcast is a very thrilling story. I would recommend this book to anyone, (mostly teens). This book teaches you that you don’t need technology for everything, but only simple tools . You should all read the series; Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. Just to tell you, you will not find these in public libraries.

Place: forestTime: 6,000 years ago

Characters and breif description :Torak- Black hair, 13 summers old.Renn- Red hair, Raven Clan., 13 summers old Fin-Kedinn- Leader of the Raven Clan, Renn's uncleWolf- Has known Torak since he was a cub.

Flash flood

Rip andRek




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