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Plagues that Changed History

By: Bryn BernardPublished by Crown Publishers

No, there is no bias in my book because the author was only explaining each disease and not giving us a distinct idea about what they think about that disease.

The authors purpose was to inform us about deadly diseases and their effect on humanity. I say this because the author had no distinct opinion about the diseases.

Author's Purpose

1. I found Harsh Teacher interesting because I learned that,yes, Cholera killed many people, but it also made people want to (gasp) wash their hands!2. I also found out that this interseting. The black death plagued the earth for almost 500 years, and it barely spread anywhere. It stayed in the Eurasian continent.

AIDS and smallpox are both similar and different. They are similar mostly because they are both highly dangerous diseases that you can develop a resistance to. A way that they are different is that you catch AIDS by transmission of bodily fluids. Smallpox spreads by just being near another person. These diseases are alike and not alike in all different ways.


1. Diseases can be used as a weapon-in Empires of Infection, the disease was used to kill 25% of a native army.2. Rats and fleas transmitted the Black Death.3.When the french tried to take over Haiti, the yellow fever killed them. The haitians, who'd been immune their entire life, weren't affected.4. There were 3 pandemics of Cholera- the 1st in Asia and Africa, the 2nd and 3rd in all continents except for Australia and Asia.5. When people died of Cholera, their bodies were blue tinged.

Is there Bias in my Book??


1. Did cholera really turn its victims blue? 2. How did TB/blood coming out of your body mean you were an artistic prodigy?

Questions for the Author

Interesting/ Informative Parts of the Text

Plague-a general term for all widespread diseaseVariola-the bacteria that causes smallpoxDiptheria-a disease that makes your throat swell up.Fluke-a parasite that lives in mammal blood.

Interesting facts

Vocabulary Learned

I'm a mask that doctors used when they tried to cure people of the black plague. The beak was used to hold cloth scented with spices and vinegar, to hide the scent of rotting flesh.


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