Out Of The Silent Planet

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Out Of The Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planetby C.S. Lewis

"[Ransom] had read of 'Space': at the back of his thinking for years had lurked the dismal fancy of the black, cold vacuity, the utter deadness, which was supposed to separate the worlds. ...He could not call it 'dead'; he felt life pouring into him from it every moment. How indeed should it be otherwise, since out of this ocean the worlds and all their life had come? ...No: Space was the wrong name. Older thinkers had been wiser when they named it simply the heavens." pg. 32

A Hross, Sorn, and Pfifltriggi compared to a human:

The author, C.S. Lewis:

Conflict: Ransom is captured and flown to a strange planet, from which he must escape.Setting: The book begins and ends on Earth, but most of the book takes place on Malacandra.Climax: Ransom is brought before Oyarsa in Meldilorn.Protagonist: RansomGenre: Scientific FictionResolution: Ransom safely reaches home with his two captors.Point of View: 3rd person limitedTheme: This book displays the theme of discovery and adventure. Ransom finds worlds, plants, animals, and beings that are greatly different from those to which he is accustomed.Characterization: Ransom is described directly by the author.

Below is the first of 7 animations by Puddleglum1951 depicting the plot of Out of the Silent Planet:

"[Ransom] and all his class would have called the eldila a superstition if they had been merely described to them, but now he had heard the voice himself. No, Oyarsa was a real person if he was a person at all." pg. 86

Ransom is scholarly, courageous, resourceful, and curious.

The main character, Ransom, with Hyoi, first hross he meets:


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