Out of the Silent Planet

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Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

Elwin Ransom is...-Curious-Fearful-Reasonable

Characterization: -Devine is greedy, and Oyarsa calls him “broken”-Weston is rude and ruthless, and Oyarsa considers him to be far more dangerous than Devine

Themes: -Human Corruption-Greed -Courage-Fear


Conflict: Ransom is kidnapped by two scientists and taken to a dangerous unknown planet where he is planned to be used as a sacrifice for its inhabitants

Climax: Ransom speaks with Oyarsa and Weston and Devine are brought in to attempt to justify their actions and receive judgment from Oyarsa

Protagonist: Dr. Elwin Ransom (his name is a pseudonym; we don’t know his real name)

Setting: Set in the 1940s in England and later in an alien planet called Malacandra (a.k.a. Mars )

Resolution: Ransom is safely returned home along with Weston and Devine and collaborates with C.S. Lewis to compose the book, while obeying Oyarsa to make sure Weston doesn’t do any further evil

Point of View:Told by a narrator in 3rd-person; final chapter is 1st-person in a letter written by Ransom to the narrator

"Now that 'Weston' has shut the door, the way to the planets lies through the past; if there is to be any more space-traveling, it will have to be time-traveling as well...!"-Postscript

"'You are guilty of no evil, Ransom of Thulcandra, except a little fearfulness. For that, the journey you go on is your pain, and perhaps your cure: for you must be either mad or brave before it is ended.'"- p. 182 (kindle)


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