Out of the Dust

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Out of the Dust

Out of the dustBy:Karen Hesse 

Out of the Dust is about a girl named Billie Jo. Billie Jo lives in oklahoma with her father and pregnate mother. Billie Jos father is a wheat farmer. The family struggles making money because of the dust storms, the dust storms destroy the crops. Billie Jo was 14 when the dust storms started happening. Billie Jo and her family lives near joyce city, during the great depression. Other than the dust storms Billie Joe and her parents struggle to make there lives as normal as possible. Her father works on what is left of the farm and the mother works on cleaning the house. In the story Billie Jos mother dies giving birth. Billie Jo's father could not handle the saddness so he started drinking. Billie Jo and her father began to grow appart. One day Billie Jo decides to run away. She returned home to find her father dating louise whome he eventually married. Together Billie jo and louise helped the father get throgh his grief. Billie Jo helped her father with the grief which built her and her father's relationship back together.


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MomDadBillie Jo

The setting takes place in a huge dust fieled in the middle of nowere in Joyce City oklahoma in very small house'

Karen Hesse is a Newbery medal award winner who is best known for out of the dust and the music of dolphins. Her popular works includes letters from rifka and phoenix rising. In addition to the newbery medal she has recieved more honors including the Scott O'Dell Historical Fiction Award



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