Out of the Dust

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Out of the Dust

Isolation in Out of the Dust

Mnemosyne by Trumbull StickneyI chose this poem because its depiction of life on the prairie closely mimics that of Dust, and the poet is reflecting on better times, just as Billie Jo does.

79 by Joachim du BellayThis poem reflects how Billie Jo feels after the accident. Her health has been marred, the boy she was interested in treats her differently, and certainly has very little wealth after losing her job as a pianist.

Home BurialBy Robert FrostOn the surface, it's pretty clear how this poem relates to Dust; both feature the death of an infant. However, this poem also does a good job of exposing the tension caused within a family by such a tragedy, just like in Dust.

Sickroom by Robert WinnerIn Dust, Billie Jo struggles with her own health at the same time that she loses her mother. The narrator in Winner's poem reflects on loss and how none of us are invincible; we all die.

Grapevine Fires by Death Cab For Cutie (video) is a song about wildfires in the American southwest, a phenomena similar to the Dust Bowl, and their effects on the residents.

After the Funeral by Peter EverwineThis poem does a good job of depicted the loneliness one feels after a loss, just like Billia Jo felt when her mother and brother died.


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