Out of the Dust

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Out of the Dust

After Ma is burnt, Billie Jo watches as her dad leaves to go drink. This poem reflects the worry a daughter has for her father. The line in the poem, "I am only 14, all these burdens I cannot bear" summarizes Billi Jo's feelings toward her father.

Billi Jo begins to lose faith in her piano playing after the fire. She also begins to second guess her life in all the dust. After a while, she begins believing in herself, and starts to play the piano.

Look into the life of an Oklahoma family during the Dust Storm.

A Family is Like a Circle relates to the hardships Billie Jo faces with her family, especially after her mother and brother dies. She runs away in hope of escaping her life in the dust, but she quickly realizes her father is her family and the dust is part of her home.

Billi Jo and Ma both loved to play piano. After the fire and Ma's death, Billi Jo lost interest in playing. The piano becomes the memory of her Ma.

Black Sunday summarizes the tragic events of the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl creates hardships for all the families in the West, especially the Kelby's.

Out of the Dust: Family Hardships



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