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Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind

By Sharon Draper

Genre:Realistic Fiction

I gave this book five stars because it took the reader inside the mind of a girl with special needs who is constantly being judged by peers and teachers. Out of My Mind does a great job of showing the reader the feelings of Melody. This book also shows the realities of what a person with special needs goes through on a daily basis which is really powerful to read.

Protagonist: Melody

Melody was the main character of the book and the story was from her point of view. She spends the bookwanting for people to like her andnotice her abilities.

Antagonist: Claire

There was more than one antagonistthroughout the book, but there was one who really stuck out to me. Claire was mean to Melody as soon as she became part of her class and was constantly mocking her. Then, when being interviewed for tv, she explained how her and Melody weregreat friends and were super close.

“[A] person is so much more than the name of a diagnosis on a chart.”

"I have never spoken one single word. I am almost eleven years old."

Setting:The author purposly didn't give much information on where Melody lived and other things such as race, appearance, and religion because she wanted readers to connect with Melody for who she is.

All About: Sharon Draper

Themes:- AppearanceMelody constantly states throughout the book how she wishes people wouldn't judge her based on her appearance and more on how smart she is.- Disabilities in the mind vs. physicalMelody is always wanting people to notice how smart she is and how much she cares for other but people don't see that because she's physically disabled.

Sharon Draper is a teacher and an award winning author. She won the national teacher award in 1997, is a New York Times bestseller, and has won the Coretta Scott King Award five times. Her most popular book is Out of My Mind.Along with Out of MyMind, Sharon Draperhas written 23 books.

Conflicts:- Througout the whole book, Melody is overcoming her disabilities. She talks about how she rolled over for the first time and how she can't feed herself. Melody runs into these conflicts daily, and no one can do anything about it.- Melody also gets the opportunity to be on the quiz team. But, no one at her school, including her teacher, doesn't think that Melody can handle it. Melody has to overcome this setback and show that she can handle the pressure.

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