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out of dust

Resources:* Photo of Out of the Dust: library.fayschool.org* Map of Dust Bowl:gsmith.mysite.com*Photo of Karen Hesse: us.macmillan.org *Photo of Dust Storm: weru.ksu.edu*Photo of Farmer in Dust Storm: history.com *Photo of Migrant Children: tpwd.state.tx.us *Photo of Girl mending clothes: library.thinkquest.org*Photo of Dust Bowl shack: mikenawak.net*Video "Surviving the Dust Bowl": pbs.org

Out of the Dust, written by Karen Hesse, is a mournful, coming-of-age story about a young girl growing up in the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. The story is told from Billie Joe's point-of-view and written in free verse poetry. Billie Joe, her pa, and her pregnant ma live on a farm in the panhandle of Oklahoma, where rain is a precious commodity and dust storms are frequent. Smack in the middle of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression of the 1930s, the setting creates many conflicts in this descriptive novel. Dealing with normal growing pains, like studying for tests and flirting with boys, is the least of Billie Joe's worries, especially when the farm is failing and her family has to deal with a tragic accident. Will Billie Joe and her dad make it through the Dust Bowl? Or will Billie Joe ever find her way "out of the dust?"


Glogster Created by Kimberly Cauble, Griggs Road Elementary Teacher

Out of the Dust

Major Events of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression mentioned in Out of the Dust:1. Okies moving to California2. FDR's Birthday Balls were held all over the country, to raise money for the Warm Springs Foundation.3. New Deal program: Farm Relief Act4. Dionne Quintuplets born5. CCC workers plant trees in the Great Plains6. Mt,. Kilauea erupts in Hawaii7.New Deal program: FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Act) established

About the Author:Karen Hesse is the author of many children's books. She got the idea for Out of the Dust after reading a draft of a book called Come On, Rain. She began researching about the Dust Bowl and wrote Out of the Dust.

Dust storms like this were a daily occurence in the Dust Bowl and in Out of the Dust.

The setting of Out of the Dust is in the Dust Bowl area of the United States, during 1934-1935. At this time, the country was in the middle of the Great Depression, which made life hard on people. The natural disaster of the Dust Bowl made life even harder on farmers who lived there.

Like Billie Joe's father, many farmers tried to save their crops during a Dust Storm, but weren't successful against Mother Nature's fury.

Like this girl mending her father's clothes, Billie Joe had to help take care of her dad after her mother's death. They had little money to buy new things, so they fixed what they could.

The children of migrant workers often suffered most. In Out of the Dust, a migrant family lives in Billie Joe's schoolhouse for while because they have nowhere else to go.

Billie Joe lived in a Dust Bowl shack on her family farm, probably a lot like this one.