Out for Blood

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Out for Blood

My book is out for blood By Michael P. Spradlin

Main CharachtersDr.Catylst, Emmet Doyle and Calvin GeauxAbout ThemThe Dr. is an evil scientist that has created the killer Blood jacket's. Emmet is a kid that has gotten his dog captured by the Dr. he got his dog back but ever since then he was upsessed with stoping Dr.Catylst. Calvin is Emmets best friend and he is along his side trying to stop him also. That is a little bit about the main characters Qoutes"Did you ever notice you always attack monsters with sticks? You need to start carrying a bazooka in that backpack of yours" Emmet said."Were not likely to find him with a broken down airboat"Raeburn said.(It was a start of a big event)"I know who Dr.Catylst is" Calvin said....(ended the story)

The setting/PlotThey are in florida. A main area of the story is in the school during a concert that is when a family of the animals come flying out of the vents attacking the people in the school. When Emmet and Calvin went running the crawled through the vents escaping. Then in a long dark hallway they see a man in a black jacket thinking it is Dr.Catylst. The Reason behind it is that the bee's do not attack him they just fly around him.ThemeNot to believe everyting you hear.Reasons 1.He tells them they can trust him but then he abducts his father. then later he steals the dog. Last he tries to abduct Emmet.SummaryThey stop the blood jacket's,but they did not stop Dr.Catylst. The Dr. holds a grudge and design's a specific beast to just hunt Emmet.......My opinion I did not care for the book.

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