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Our world glog

In the beginning, animals were being killed only to fulfill our needs.Throughoutthe time we have become thoughtless and unreasonable and along with that money gained more value to us.Not only did we start hunting out of pleasure but we began destroying their natural habitats and caging them in zoos.Moreover,we have been conducting experiments on them out of medical reasons as well as for testing cosmetic products.

If we do not raise awareness of how precious life on our planet is, soon enough we might become extinct as well.We share this planet with astonishing variety of other creatures.Every niche in each environment is filled with life.Celebrate this phenomenal diversity and beauty with us every day.

We have all been told stories about how magnificent and unique our world is.However,we are the ones who are mercilessly destroying it every day piece by piece.The most touching example of how reckless we actually are is the number of species which have been extinct over the years.

Our World

Creators Djordje Rasic , Tijana Topalovic,Andrea Predragovic



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