Our World by Marko

by Milijana
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Our World by Marko

My world is my family. There are four people in my family. We like to spend free time together. Sometimes we play board games, sometimes we travel to interesting places in Serbia. And we always have fun. My family is my support, they make me superpowerful! My sister is the best sister in the world! I help her whenever she needs help! Without them I wouldn't be as I am!

Music is my world. When I was 5, I started to play the flute. I loved it then and I love it now! I practise playing it every day and I am getting better every single day. I hope this love will last forever! I hope that one day I will become a famous musician.

Also,my world is my dog. His name is Scooby. I got him when I was 6. When I am sad, he always makes me happy. For me,he is a big magician.I cannot live without sport practising. I trained taekwondo for five years. Now I play volleyball. My motto is ' Mens sana in corpore sano'.                                Created by                           Marko Sretenovic



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