Our scrapbook project

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Social Studies

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Our scrapbook project

LONDONWe travelled to London. First we went to a restaurantbecause we were hungry. In the afternoon we went to visit London Eye,it was fantastic and very beautiful sightseeing, On night we went to friend's party.The following day we visited the wonderful Big Ben,we also visited the Bridge and the tower of London, we had great time and we would like come back again.

Our scrapbook projectBego, Judit, Gala, Johana, Giselle

HawaiiThe country is united States , the island lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We took a plane to Hawaii,we visited throughout the city with the city bus. There were many beaches with crystal clear water and tall palm trees.The things that struck me most was the volcano, beach parties and dances its beaches with sand and other dark green.We had fun and we would go back again.

MiamiWe went to miami in cruise, looking the sea,first we went to the beach and also we went to a shopping center near to the beach. The next day we went to Miami zoo, and saw all the animals. I would like to live in Miami.

NEW YORKwe travelled to New York, when we arrived,we installed to a hotel, in the afternoon we went to sleep because we were tired from trip. The next day we visited The Central Park, Statue of Liberty and times Square. New York is very beautiful. At night we went to a disco with my friends. The following day we visited Coney island, was fantastic. My opinion of New York is very positive because is a fabulous city.

LOS ANGELESI went by plane to the los angeles to visit hollywood. When i get with my friends, we settled on a five star hotel.Night afternoon we went for the beach for a walk because it is very beautiful, and already at night we went to dinner at a restaurant. During the holidays we went to the disco dance a lot. it's a wonderful city.


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