Our School Vegetable and Butterfly Garden

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Our School Vegetable and Butterfly Garden

Our School Vegetable and Butterfly Garden


Health Benefits

-Having a garden helps lowers the chance of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes-Cucumbers help fight some cancers and helps with dehydration-Tomatoes are high in fiber and mulitple vitamins-Onions help prevent some cancers and helps heal infections-Cabbage is an anti-inflammatory and helps with mental function and concentration

What we gained as students from this SL project:KNOWLEDGE: environmental awareness, civic engagement, interdisciplinary, SKILLS: research, communications, cooperation/teamwork, reflection, problem solving, designing, analusis, critical thinking, planning, collecting dataCHARACTER TRAITS: responsibility, goal oriented, interdependence, community connectedness, academic engagement, confidence, stewardship for the planet

Data Collected in attachment

Reduce: Disposable waste was reduced by implementing a composte pile in the cafeteria.Reuse: Items were reused such as large tires as planters and plastic jugs to collect rainwater.Recycle: Wooden pallets were broken down and recycled into wooden planters and plant boxes.

Goals and Strategies


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