Our School - Gymnázium Děčín

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Our School - Gymnázium Děčín

Students can study eight or four years on our school. If you want to study here, you must do entrance exams. Entrance exams are not easy, so somebody is not accepted. There are mostly about 60 enterested person on eight-years studies and about 120 interested person for for-years studies. In every class are 32 pupils.

OurSchool- Gymnázium Děčín


Our grammar school was founded on 15th September 1899. There were 71 students and five teachers, now there are in our school 512 students and 37 teachers. 'Gymnasium' building was projected by the architect Josef Zítek. J. Zítek is very famous in our country. He also projected the National Theater in Prague, Rudolfinum and Neues Museum in Weimar.

You can find us in Komenskeho Square 4,Děčín, the postcode is 405 01. It is on the right side of the river Labe (Elbe) in the city centre.

This is the National Theatre in Prague.

The name of our HEADMASTER is Václav Lešanovský. He is a teacher, too. He teaches PE and Geography originally. He is also the President of the Association of Czech Secondary- School Sports Clubs and travels a lot.

Our grammar school is the only one in our town. The nearest grammar school is 20 kilometres far from here.

Gymnasium has got a very nice building.It is built in Italian renaissance. I like the entrance of our school - there are two stone poles with ionian capital and two relieves with angels.

We have also a partner school. It is a 'gymnazium' in Pirna. If you are good at Germany, you can go to study here in the 6th grade. After prima in our school. Children from the whole Czech Republic come to our school to take the entrance xams to Pirna, they are traditionally organised by our school.


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