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by Glorie
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Our project

Thinking of Future

This is the way Rovnoe central park looks today. Feel the difference!

We'd like to present you our latest project made with the help of the teacher of Technology T.A. Mitchenko. This is the plan of reconstruction of our central park. We are going to help make Rovnoe the most beautiful and safe place to live in. This is the way the central park will look in the nearest future. We are planning to make it a favourite recreation place in our town. We know by words of our grandparents, that in the days of their youth there was a beautiful park with tall trees and shadowy paths on this very place, but it didn't survive the changes caused by the constructin of the Volgograd water basin. The ecosystem changed and underground water damaged the trees in the park. We want to lay out nice flowerbeds, build a fountain and even a monument to Sweethearts! The plans are great, but everything is in our hands!



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