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our poems

The sharper the pencil The more you can write The more you write the more you learn poems!

The SunThe sun so yellow.Every morning I wake up and your not there to say hello to.Your like an oven because your so warm.But i the afternoon your as bright as can be. When day turns to night I say ,"See you soon." Then next I see the moon.Yuo reflect your light upon the moon. Even thought the moon isn't as bright as you your still bright down here.

I love you I love you more than applesaucemore than bubble gum more than a cherry or a plum.I love you so

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marshmallow man there was a man A.K. THE MARSMALLOW MAN he stuck to everything he toughed he and one day his friends wanted to have a sleep over and they where going to sleeo out side by a campfire and have smores and he lived happlily ever after by not going to the sleepover.

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