Our Mirror Oven

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Our Mirror Oven

Our Mirror Oven

We hope that with this mirror oven, we will be able to solve some hunger issues in places where energy is not easily accessible. Places such as Africa or India, where electricity or gas is not readily available, this mirror oven can be an economical way to cook food.Brainstorming:- Microshutters could be utilized to open and close when they come into contact with suspicious substances- This might be difficult to utilize in a project- Perhaps creating a refridgerator could help with the preservation of food without energy. -The cryocooler in the James Webb telescope could be repurposed for this-Perhaps the lightweight cryogenic mirrors could be used to focus energy on a specific area-This could be implemented with a series of mirrors in a box to transfer energy to food in order to heat it-This could solve the problem of not having proper cooking methods in third-world countries and not having to use nonrenewable resources to heat the food-Other people have attempted to solve this crisis by utilizing solar panels and wind turbines, but they are very expensive and are hard for developing countries to purchase. Therefore, we decided to pursue this idea, with the hope creating a prototype to help solve energy problems in lesser developed countries.Procedure:Materials: Cardboard box, paper, tinfoil, masking tape, pen, box cutterFirst, you must cut a rectangle the length of five by three inches on the longer side of the box.Second, you must cover the inside of the box with tinfoil and use masking tape to secure it in place.Third,apply the paper on the opening inside of the box that is opposite of the rectangular opening.Fourth, close the box, but leave the paper opening towards a light source.Fifth, place your food inside and let it cook!

Hypothesis:If the sun is shining brightly, then the mirror oven will be able to melt cheese and cook vegetables.Strengths of the design:- Lightweight-Compact- Easily transportable- Utilizes only energy from the sun- Can heat vegetables and melt cheeseWeaknesses:- Made of cardboard- Only works when it is sunny-

Criteria and Constraints:Because this device is dependent upon sunlight, it must be used in an environment that is sunny and warm. Also, because it will be used in lesser developed countries, we must create a design that would be affordable for the people to buy and it must be durable so they do not have to buy them very often.

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Our experiment to test this mirror oven would be to place a few different foods, such as meat, pizza, and vegetables in order to test how effective it is at cooking food.

Utilized in the JWST, the lightweight cryogenic mirrors are nearly distortion-free and lightweight, producing excellent image quality.


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