Our Medical career (health careers)

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Our Medical career (health careers)


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RN info''One unique trait about being a RN is that you get to help a person in the world get better. They could save one persons life in the world. They could help the elderly live one more day in thier life. Being an RN isn't just like any other job. It is more than just an old regular job. You can help pepole all around not just inside a hospital. But all around the world. Thier annual salary was 66,220 in 2013. The best paid 10 percent of RN's made more than 96,320. To become certified it takes a few months. And to become licensed it takes years. EMT-6months 2,400 estimated annual income 35,000.License Vocational nurse-1year 3,000 estimated annual income 45,000. Registered nurse-1year 9,000 estimated income 70,000. Physician assistant-1year'2months. Medical Doctor-12years.

Negative aspectsAll the stress you have to go through each day. And espically if you have a family at home to take of. One of the hardest one is seeing patients die. Or giving bad news to the family if something bad is wrong with thier child. And not spending enough time with your family.

Positive AspectsGreat hours 3-12 a day, Its feels so good to help out.Its really fun It dosn't get boring theres always alot to do.You always learn alot everyday your there. You get to see new pepole everyday your there and know that your gonna help them out.You win money to support your family.

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Collegs AVC-3041 West Avenuek,Lancaster,CA 93536New York University- New York,NYUniversity Of Nevada-Las Vegas-4505 South Maryland Parkway, Las vegas, NV 89154


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