"Our Kryptonite": Cadmium

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"Our Kryptonite": Cadmium

"Our Kryptonite"

Alternative products to cadmium which are safer are:-Cad Glo Ac -Cad Glo Nc -ZincAlloy C These are just some products which can replace cadmium plating.

Bio:Toxin Substance Category: Toxic MetalsSpecifc Toxin: Cadmium

Health Impacts:Exposure to cadmium may cause renal dysfunction,neurotoxicity, osteopenia, hypertension, vascular disease and emphysema. Human exposure to cadmiumoccurs mostly in industrial settings and because of smoking tobacco products. Smoking is one of the major reasons for cadmium build up within the lungs. Factorieswhich release cadmium as part of their manufacturing, can potentially release it into the air we breathe.

Environmental Impacts:Cadmium which is released from factories mainly ends up in the soil. When in the soil, cadmium has the ability to move/transport through it. This means cadmium has the ability to pollute both the surface water and the soil. Also, animals will sometimes eat the cadmium as it is absorbed by the organic matter (from the soil). This can lead to the animal suffering from liver disease, high blood pressure and nerve or brain damage.

Physical and Chemical Properties:Colour: silvery-white Physical Properties: Cadmium is very... -ductile -lustrous -malleableChemical Properties: -tarnishes (rusts) in air because of oxidation; reacts with oxygen

Sources and products where it is found:Cadmium is commonly found on the coating of metal tubes and pipes. It is also found in many other products, which we encounter in our everyday lives, such as rechargeable batteries, dental appliances and paint pigments. It (cadmium) is sometimes found in drinking water and engine exhaust. Also, cadmium is a by-product which is formed when the metals zinc, copper and lead melt.

How to reduce exposure to toxin:Some ways in order to reduce exposure to cadmium are: -Do not smoke -Use a water filter to remove cadmium from water -Properly dispose of cadmium batteries -Identify possible sources of cadmium in and around your home

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