Our Journey to the Rinxs

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by Jaliema
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Our Journey to the Rinxs

When we arrived at Harbourfront , we seen many art on the floor such as the CN tower. It was a long walk but it was fun and worth it at the end.

Another park we went to was called Sherbourne Commons . I think it was better than the first park cause it had more choice than basketball and skate boarding.

There is a nice park under a bridge , that is why it's called Under Pass Park. You pass under the bridge , I guess! But it's a pretty nice park to go to.

it was a 7 minute walk to get to The Rinxs.

When we arrived at The Rinxs, they took us into a room where we will be eating our lunch then put us in 3 different groups so we could start our day.

When we were on the bus, it was very full with all 56 or so of us on it! It was a very loud crowded bus.

When we were walking to harbour front , we seen this! if you can't read it , this is what it says ``Free Wifi -> Get The Password -> A Picture for us to solve to get the password !``

Our Journey To The Rinxs

The 32 & 29 bus

The Story About My Adventure At GHSA ...


Some other photos

Sherbourne Commons

This summer academy was a nice experience , meeting some new people before school actually starts. I thought meeting new people was going to be very difficult, but it was so simple. Along the way i met some new hilarious, nice and socialable people such as Mya, Johnny, Louka, Alex, Ryan and many more.

The Rinxs

Orfus Road

(George Harvey Summer Academy)

Our Walk To Harbour Front

Under Pass Park

By: Jaliema W.


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