Our environment (by martakenichi)

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Environmental Studies

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Our environment (by martakenichi)

Nature has a strong influency on the development of humanity. In ancient times, people survived by agriculture and livestock. And then, were abused power sources such as coal and oil. Nature was seen as an inexhaustible source of wealth until he began to fear for her.Overexploitation of resources and environmental pollution have led us to a culture of sustainable development to promote adequate exploitation of resources. This is desired in future have enough resources for survive.

The environment

By Marta Bordons Martínez 3º C Bilingüe

Waste management: If there is an increasing amount of waste, widespread culture of the three "Rs": reduce, reuse and recycle. We must be aware of what we spend and try to reduce our costs, and use a product longer. Furthermore, when a product finished to be useful to us, we have selectively picked to facilitate recycling. So, help sustainable development and thus, the environment

The deterioration of natural resources is due to the excessive use of them by hand of man. Environmental impacts are more severe overexploitation and pollution. The water, air and vegetation resources are suffering more.By diverting the course of rivers, can not supply enough food for marine life nearby.If too much water is extracted from offshore reserves the hinterland may suffer desertification. And near the seas the ground and water can salinized.Water pollution kills thousands of people daily. Can occur for various reasons, human, agricultural or industrial. In the case of pollution in the seas and oceans, also due to urban and industrial waste. For example, plastics, detergents, metals, oil ...

Excessive air pollution has dangerous effects on the environment: Acid rain, reducing of the ozone layer that protects us from ultraviolet rays, and the greenhouse effect, which is the cause of global warming.The exploitation of forest resources is causing deforestation, resulting in landslides and floods, the extinction of animals and plants and the greenhouse effect.

One of the worst environmental disasters can be an accidental spillage of oil. In general, the cause is the sinking of a ship, or a technical failure. This means lots of water pollution, in addition to the deaths of thousands of fish and marine animals.For example, this spillage of oil in Luisiana.



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