Our Egypt Project

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Our Egypt Project

Welcome to Egypt!

This is the Trade Route that the Egyptians used to trade with other people. The river that allowed civilization to happen was the Nile.

Advanced Cities

Improved Technology

The Egytians invented the12 months and 30 days.They developed a system ofwritten numbers for math whicheventually led to geometry!

Complex Constitutions

The Egyptians used a pyramid to name the classes. Within this pyramid, women had almost all equal rights to men.

Specialized Workers

Some specialized workers from Egypt are:VizersHigh PriestsNoblesScribesCraftsmenOfficials(not in order)

(Map of Egypt)

Record Keeping

When did Civilization began?

Egyptian Civilization began in3150 BCE


The longest river in the world isthe Nile River. It is in Egypt and Afica!It is around 6,650 km long! (4,123 miles long)

Fun Fact!!!!!!

The Shape Of the Pyramid isinspired by the spreading raysof the Sun!

Fun Fact!!!!

Ancient Egyptians believed they were made from clay on a potter’s wheel by the river god Khnum

The scribes developed a more flexible and advanced form of writing, Hieroglyphics which was popularly used for keeping records.

Hieroglyphics- an Ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictures were used to represent ideas and sounds.



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