Our active earth tornadoes

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Our active earth tornadoes

This is how a wind turbine works. The wind blows the rotors which makes it spin. The movement of the rotors turn a gear which turns a electrical generator. That causes it to turn in to electrical energy and than it travels to your home

1. Wind Farms 2. Transportation 3.Windmills

Most of all tornadoes form from thunderstorms. For tornadoes to form you need warm,moist air from one direction and cool dry air from the opposite direction. When these two different types of air masses meet they create unstable conditions in the atmosphere.

.Supercells can be up to 15km or 50,000 ft tall.Tornadoes can travel on land at speeds of up to 180kph.Tornadoes travel both anti-clockwise and clockwise.. Tornadoes generally last less than 10 minutes..Tornadoes can have wind speeds between 60kph and 300kph..The average width of a tornado is 275m to 450m..The widest recorded tornado was El Reno in Oklahoma which was 4.2km wide.

How do tornadoes form?



What is an tornado?

Scientific Diagram


This video shows how a tornado forms underneath a supercell.

In this video it just shows how descructive tornadoes can be and how big they can get.

This video explains what to do if a tornado is coming to keep safe.

There are two scales to measure tornadoes, the EF scale and the Fujita scale. The EF scale is the standard way to measure tornadoes and that measures wind damage. The Fujita scale is the original way to measure tornadoes and it gives a number according to the most intense damage caused by the storm (eg. Srength:EF-4:Wind speeds: 166-200 (Damage: Devastating)

How are tornadoes measured?

Tornadoes mostly occur in the Unites States in an area which they call "Tornado Alley". The states that make up Tornado Alley are Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Lowa, Indiana, Texas and Arkansas.

Where do tornadoes mostly occur?

A tornado is rapidly rotating columm of air. It connects with the ground with a funnel of cloud underneath a large thunderstorm called a supercell. Tornadoes destroy anything or anyone in its path and is an itense and aggressive natural disaster.

This project is on the formation of tornadoes and some other interesting facts including how they are measured and where they mostly occur.

In conclusion Tornadoes need a number of different factors to happen in the enviroment at the same time to form. This is mainly the meeting of warm moist air and cool dry air. Tornadoes are one of nature's most pwerful and violent type of storm. Starting from a simple thunderstorm they can cause mass destruction in seeconds lifting houses from the ground, throwing cars and loss of human lifeTornadoes are a really bad and intense natrual disaster.



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