[2013] Lahrs Quinlan: Ottoman empire

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[2013] Lahrs Quinlan: Ottoman empire

Without Osman history would be changed forever. The Ottoman empire began with Osman. Osman started to gather nomads and bedouins to form a small army. Over time they absorbed the other states within Anatolia, Turkey. Osmans army was tactical, strong, and fast. Over time more people were attracted to it after its many victories. He established a government which allowed religious tolerance over people. Osmans armies could shoot their bows while riding on horses and used strategies they learned from the Mongolians to help defeat their opponent. With power, strategies, and attraction the Ottoman empire quickly spread and, more people joined.

Mehmed the Conquerer was the son of Orhan who was famous for conquring Constantinople. He had a Hungarian construct the largest cannon in the world which was 26ft long and could shoot over a mile!! After conquring Constantinople, he made it the Ottoman empire capital. Sadly on May 3rd, 1481 Mehmed died. He left the empire tired and the Jenissaries close to rebellion. After his death the empire fell into civil war.

Ottoman Empire

The Ottomans are famous for their architechure and craftsmanship.

The Battle of Constantinople was pssibly the one of the best battels in history. It had a 26ft long cannon, greek fire, and the Ottoman Navy all rolled into one battle!

The Ottomans got into the Byzantines because the river changed course due to a lot of rain which acted as a barrier for the Byzantines. This event changed history beause if the Ottomans coul not cross they woul not have spread Islam to North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

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This is a photo of the land Suliem the magnifacient conquered in his life time. Suleiman had expanded his teroritory into North Africa, east Europe, and into Saudi Arabia.

This is a photo of Constantinople. It had 2 walls and was extremly hard to conquer, Muhamed himself said it would hard to capture!! When Mehmed was attacking he had his navy go into the Golden Horn but the Byzantines had blocked it off so he had his men push the boats on land and into the water behind the barrier!!

This is a Ottoman rug the Ottoman are famous for their beatiful furnitchure

This is a photo of a Ottoman building they are very good architecs. Top Cally palace even had ice shipped to them to cool their sherbert!!

Photo of Turkish flag

How did one of the most powerful empires die out? I did not research this but I came across the articles that said WW11 had wiped them out.


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